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    Loving God and Loving People

    Welcome to J247 (Jesus 24-7) home.  Please look around at all the different projects we are currently working on, from fresh roasted coffee to web design, we are working on all things to the Glory of the Lord Jesus.

    J247 Studios provides all your media needs to stay ahead of the curve in today's ever changing world.  We offer primarily web, photo, and video services.  View our web site to view our services.

    Forerunner Disciple Training Center (Forerunner DTC) is our Training Center currently in central India where we train native students to proclaim the Gospel to native unreached people groups. 

    View the website for more information.

    Dwelling Place Coffee is a local coffee roasting company that supports various charities from its proceeds.  All our orders are roasted and shipped out upon ordering.

    View our website for more information.  

    Party for JESUS is an outreach to the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene that is so prevalent around the globe.  It is used as a means to connect and minister with fellow believers.

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